For autism awareness day…

Reine baked a cake! She really did. And I let her, mess and all.

This morning, I woke up saying this was gonna be her day to do whatever. The weather was quite nice and I was feeling extra patient. I told myself, it was due time for her to make a royal mess.

She had been repeating the pat a cake song for the past couple days, so I decided, why not have her mix a cake. A 3 year old baking would surely cause a mess. I was using the oven to make dinner anyway, so there was nothing stopping us.

Reine sat in the kitchen around her activities table, watching her usual videos and eating pepperoni off her pizza. She was focused, one hand was controlling her tablet, and the other was separating pepperoni from cheese. It was a sight to see. I called her name a couple times before finally getting her attention, and then I asked her if she wanted to make a cake. She gladly replied, “make cake, make cake.”

I already had the ingredients and utensils ready, and she got right to it. I moved her tablet to the side, and placed a large dutchpot in front of her and handed her a large spoon. I poured some of the cake flour into the pot and she began to stir as she sang pat a cake. She held the spoon very tightly, being careful not to let it go. She sang and she stirred, as I added water, eggs, oil, and more cake flour. She wasn’t making a mess, so I decided to join in the stirring. I got a wisk and stirred real fast, so the cake mixture would fly out of the pot. When Reine realized what I was doing, she joined in, and the mess began!😄

I helped her get cake batter all over her hands, and, she didn’t fuss about it. She was having so much fun that the slimy texture of the cake on her hands didn’t really bother her.

I told her to taste the cake, and she put the spoon to her mouth and pretended to eat. The fact that she did something different today was very rewarding for me. She was able to grasp a spoon and use it effectively, she got messy and didn’t seem to be in a panic about, and she attempted to try cake batter – a texture of food I haven’t been able to get her to eat.

(I began writing this post after 11 last night, thinking It’d be complete before midnight. Clearly that’s not the case, but nevertheless, this is my log for autism awareness day.)

I am not someone who keeps up with days and events, but it was nice to see persons posting statuses about awareness for autism. Children and adults with autism need all the love and support from their families and communities now more than ever. With government threats to cut programs and services, we must make sure to do our part to ensure that does not happen. With so much more research about the condition, and so many more children being diagnosed, now is the time to offer more services to families.



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